Polish Defense Minister Bogdan Klich recently said he was happy with the proposed new strategic concept for NATO. At the upcoming Lisbon Summit on November 19-21 in Portugal, NATO will officially adopt a new  "Strategic Concept" which will be the organization's strategic guiding light for the next ten years. More from thenews.pl:

"Talking to reporters after his return from the United States, where he met with Secretary of Defence Robert Giles[sic], Klich said that the Americans are trying to maintain a balance between NATO’s obligations to defend its members’ territories and the alliance’s expeditionary missions.

"[The concept] corresponds to our expectations. There are provisions in the project that reinforce the traditional character of the North Atlantic alliance, which means NATO remaining a defensive alliance," the minister said."

Klich is of course referring to NATO's Article 5, which ensures mutual self-defense and is much more of a priority to Poland than some other, older member states.