On Christmas Day, Mark Rzepkowski of Polish Radio interviewed me about my project and my career on his show (broadcast in Chicago and New York City). You can listen to the broadcast here by clicking on the December 25th show (25 Grudnia). The interview was conducted in Polish, but I'm working on getting the audio files edited so I can post a shorter version of the interview here without the songs and commercials, and hopefully along with an English transcript as well.

Mr. Rzepkowski was very kind, and we spoke at length about my project and why I am interested in writing about the Polish military.

Here's his official bio:  Autor bardzo popularnej sobotniej audycji radiowej "Ameryka bez różowych okularów", w której od wielu lat porusza bieżące tematy polityczne, ekonomiczno-społeczne i kulturowe dotyczące amerykańskich realiów. Przeprowadza wywiady z wybitnymi osobami z różnych dziedzin życia, dyskutuje ze słuchaczami na kontrowersyjne tematy. Były współpracownik radia Wolna Europa. W USA od 1975 roku

Translation:  The author of the popular Saturday talk show "America without rose-colored glasses," which has for many years been a platform for discussing  a wide range of issues covering politics, economics, and culture in American society. He interviews prominent figures from different areas of expertise, using the opportunities to discuss controversial topics with his listeners. He formerly worked with Radio Free Europe and has been in the USA since 1975.