According to Foreign Policy magazine's article last month on the Komorowski-Obama meeting:

"Score one for Warsaw. President Barack Obama promised Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski on Wednesday that Poland would be admitted to the State Department's visa waiver program, a concession to Poland that also fulfills a key GOP senator's demand for his vote to ratify the New START treaty."

Obama's exact words were certainly the strongest commitment from any administration yet:

"'I am going to make this a priority,' Obama said, sitting alongside Komorowski. 'And I want to solve this issue before very long. My expectation is, is that this problem will be solved during my presidency.'"

Currently Poles are still required to pay a fee and apply for a visa from the State Department to travel to the United States for any reason. Many much smaller countries (Estonia, Latvia, etc) have secured participation in the visa-waiver program allowing them to travel freely back and forth to the U.S. (to much Polish chagrin).