I just came across an interesting mini-documentary about the lesser known parts of Poland. The Polski Blog summarized it well:

"... a great series featuring some fantastic and less-known aspects of modern Poland.

In the above episode we get introduced to a Polish hip-hop performer, a ‘country’ band (watch out for their definition of country) and a Warsaw-based sculptor, Pawel Althamer, who relies on his neighbours from a working-class district of the city to help him create his elaborate art.

The series consists of five episodes in which a Swede, Ivar, travels up and down the country to discover places and people you hardly hear about.

You get to meet Edward Szwajkiewicz, a Solidarity member who fought the Communists, but also a modern Goth from Silesia. There’s a lot of clubbing and vodka drinking in Krakow, of course, but Ivar and his Polish side-kick Julita also make sure you get more than a glimpse of the beautiful Polish mountains and meet Trebunie Tutki, a fusion reggae band from Zakopane.

You can watch the entire series here – each episode is 8-10 minutes long and packed with some great stuff."

Watch the full video here.

Ivar's comments about Polish people:

"You know how you don’t really know that much about your country’s history? Sure, you know a couple of key dates and Kings’ names, but nothing like as much as you know about stupid punk bands, right? Well Polish people know it all. Seriously, they know every interesting and tragic story that has ever sprung from their nation. When we walked around the old town Julita got very emotional telling me about the Warsaw Uprising. The people of this place have been shat on so many times, but they’re the most positive bunch I’ve ever met. So, they’re educated and fun..."

Read the rest here.

h/t YouNxt Blog.