Poland has been actively trying to support democracy and free elections in neighboring Belarus. Here are a few excerpts from this AP interview with Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski on the latest developments:

"Belarus is "Europe's Cuba" and its people are yearning for freedom just like the tens of thousands who have taken to the streets in Tunis and Cairo, Poland's foreign minister said Thursday."

Poland has taken the lead on supporting the opposition in  the widely-disputed December elections held in Belarus.

"Lukashenko claimed 80 percent of the vote but independent observers rejected the election as flawed. After polls closed, the government jailed hundreds of dissidents, including seven of the nine presidential candidates who had challenged Lukashenko.

Sikorski was interviewed by The Associated Press at his office a day after he hosted a donor conference that pledged $120 million from 40 countries to support democratic change in Belarus. ... This week's donor conference aimed to keep up support for the opposition, including financial support for the pro-democracy forces and the families of arrested dissidents, for independent media outlets and for education and youth exchanges for young Belarusians.  As part of the $120 million, Poland alone pledged $14 million."

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