The Andar district in Ghazni province is just to the Southeast of Ghazni city, and as I posted yesterday, the American battalion which arrived in the fall has been operating here. However, it appears the Poles are working either in conjunction or at least simultaneously in the region, as they just captured a Taliban leader here:

Polish soldiers have detained one of the most important Taliban leaders during a night raid in a remote village in the Andar district.

Sana Mohammad, who was arrested in the Afghan province of Ghazni, was on NATO’s list of most-wanted terrorists. News of the action was released by Poland’s HQ in Afghanistan.

The arrest occurred four days ago in one of the villages in the Andar district. In the middle of the night, Polish and Afghan commandos surrounded the house where the Taliban leader was hiding.

Besides arresting Sana Mohammad, the detachment also managed to detain a local leader of the Taliban. The action was reportedly completed during very difficult conditions, in the midst of a snowstorm.

Full report from here.