The exit strategy for all coalition troops in Afghanistan hinges on being able to train Afghan security forces to take over. The Poles work hard to train Afghan policemen, soldiers, and intelligence officers so that they can one day (soon, hopefully) take the security situation of their country into their own hands. Here's a clip:

“There are Polish operational mentoring liaison teams working with every brigade in the Afghan National Army’s 203rd Corps,” said Polish Liaison Team Chief, Lt. Col. Przemyslow Zietalak of Zielona Gora, Poland.

Polish forces served alongside U.S. service members in both Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly ten years, developing a great deal of experience in the Middle East. Many Polish Soldiers also served in Lebanon with the United Nations.

Polish liaison teams help Afghan National Security Forces improve their ability to conduct combat training and to bridge the gap between Polish and other coalition forces.

Members of the liaison team are chosen due to their experience and language skills. All Polish Liaison officers must pass an intensive English examination and take courses in either Dari or Pashto.

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