As part of my role as a staff editor at Round Table Companies, I contribute pieces to the online movements we've created for various authors on our team. Here's a piece I wrote for the "Just Be Well" movement — a different take on heart health: Wellness is a Free and Trusting Heart

I had been walking for miles across the desolate salt flats deep in the Nevada wilds. The fine, white, alkaline powder whitewashed my entire person so that even my eyelashes turned freakishly, beautifully white, and I hadn’t had a proper shower in days.  If I had been alone, I wouldn’t have survived for long. As it was, I walked towards the shining mass of humanity arrayed before me in a colorful semicircle, and I was overcome with love for all 60,000 of them. It’s a powerful moment when you realize how much love your heart truly is capable of holding. I was in Black Rock City — a temporary metropolis that is built up and burned down during the annual Burning Man Festival in the middle of the Nevada desert.

 If you had told me that a week into this messy, crazy, chaotic, exhausting experience I would be feeling better than I ever had — I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet what I learned was that none of the external stuff mattered if what is inside of you is pure and beautiful and — mostly love. It was by far one of the most desolate places I had ever explored, and that isolation created an exquisite bubble of acceptance, love, and joy for anyone who was willing to participate with an open heart. Maybe because it was such a harsh place, the universe made a concerted effort to rain down abundance on us everyday, and we were awash in its glory.


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