Rumor has it that talks between the Tibetan spiritual leader and the Chinese government are getting serious — there is a real chance the Dalai Lama might return to Tibet. For years, even having a picture of the Dalai Lama was considered a crime in Tibet, and Chinese border guards have been known to flip right to the section on Tibet in popular Lonely Planet guidebooks and rip them out stating they are "contraband." Now they might be welcoming the exiled Buddhist leader back?

"THE ice may be thawing on the “roof of the world”, as signs show China is inching closer towards an agreement with the Dalai Lama that could allow him to ­return to Tibet after more than half a century in exile.

A Chinese official has said talks are in progress, while Beijing censors have permitted the publication of an article describing the outlines of a deal between the ­Tibetan spiritual leader and President Xi Jinping."

This is how the Chinese reported it:

"Such a deal, it said, would “instantly destroy” the radical Tibetan administration in exile and rob the West of “a pretext to attack China”, adding: “This would be a chance for Secretary Xi to rack up many victories with one move' ”

This would be a huge strategic win for the Chinese, and could spell sea change in Tibet itself.

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