Inner and outer journeys are at the heart of what I do, what I teach, and how I work with clients.

The inner journey is the courage to face your true self.

The outer journey is the courage to manifest that self in a world that needs your help.

Both are necessary to lead an integrated, conscious life.

Diving deeper into your place along the Inner-Outer spectrum of knowledge and experience will provide you with a reference point for growth and meaning. It is the opening where you find what you can contribute to the evolution of global consciousness.

Writing is the medium that gets us started on this path. An exploration of the IO path—which begins with writing but can lead you anywhere—helps us arrive at the most important of destinations: an authentic view of ourselves and our world. It is from this place that we can work towards a healthy, flourishing society.

I am a guide for writing that takes you deeper into yourself, while also instilling in you the courage to bring your deepest expression to the world at large. Whatever aspect of the inner or outer journey you are working on—even if it is not yet a book and might not ever be, I can help. 

I know that introverts can be thrill seekers, and courageous moments call upon our deepest inner reserves.

The forces behind the IO path move in cycles and are in constant change in relation to each other and the world. Energy, motivation, creativity, desire—all ebb and flow in natural rhythms that ask us to wax and wane as we journey towards a holistic existence.

 I am a writer, book coach, and editor, but I am also a seeker and thinker, a sensitive listener with a razor fine bullshit detector. I work with fascinating people from all walks of life, using a variety of tools to help them reach a fuller form of self-expression—most often in books, but also for websites, articles, love letters, and even empowered emails to your soon-to-be-ex girlfriend, curmudgeon professor, or snippy colleague.

An understanding of the IO path brings you closer to what you want to say, and gives you the chutzpah to follow through. The world needs what you have to say.