There are few things that require more honest reflection and self-knowledge than a well-written book. But the book itself can prove to be a terrifying physical object. The idea of your words and ideas being permanently printed for all the world to see and judge can give you the same fearful rush that jumping out of an airplane gives. 

But nothing is as euphoric as the safe landing after a leap of faith—when you lie panting as the waves of adrenaline roll over you because people have read your words and have understood and seen.

Listening to the inner world while taking action in the outer world—doing these two important things not simultaneously, but in turn—in cycles of in and out, inhale exhale—can lead to a grounded, meaningful life.

Writing is the most effective tool to take you through those ups and downs.

There are cycles of wild and crazy—feeding the inner wolf, stirring up the devil—and cycles of packing up and coming home.

The sum total of the waxing and waning is a life lived and breathed on purpose.