The I/O Journey Explained


The I/O Journey Explained

Inner journeys require outer action, and outer journeys have inner dimensions.

The Inner Journey is the journey to the brutal honesty required to see yourself, to write your truth.
The Outer Journey is having the chutzpah to make yourself visible—to publish, declare, paint, and open yourself to criticism and crowds.

The Inner Journey  is finding the dedication to move your body—to do the planning, intention setting, goal revising—to know that energy expenditure is needed for your well-being. The Outer Journey is the moving of the body—through dancing, running, traveling, trapeze swinging, and setting our bodies on fire with energy. Moving the body makes the mind move in new ways too. Your body’s energy can alchemize otherworldly energy from the universe into something to feed the next round of your Inner Journey.

Invite it in.

Inner adventure  is getting clear on the passion you want to express to someone you love, or maybe to someone you hate, or maybe both. Outer adventure is the shaky, palm-sweaty act of doing it.

The Inner Journey is the courage to face your true self. The Outer Journey is the courage to manifest that self in a world that needs your help.

Both ends of the IO spectrum are available to those willing to Identify, Investigate, and Invite the experiences, reflections, and calls to action that will bring us closer to a more integrated state of being.





The Process: SEE, FEEL, WRITE






What are you seeing? More importantly, where are you looking?

What do you need to know? What are the variables at play? What is the truth before you?

How can you invite celebration and growth, while remaining grounded and living a life relevant to your goals? How can you invite the world to make use of your unique talents?

No matter what you want to do—write, self-analyze, improve relationships, start a book, get sculpted abs, throw a party—this iii framework is the key you can refer back to.

The parallel paths on the inner and outer journeys have the power to show you a side of yourself you didn’t even know was there.

Growth and relevance are a reflection of how willing you are to do the thing you most resist—this is true of both the inner and outer journeys.

Inner resistance can manifest as avoiding self-knowledge—refusing to look and see.

Outer resistance might be paralysis in the face of new opportunities before you.

Writing, and writing books in particular, is a unique vehicle to journey deeper into the IO process because books are simultaneously inner and outer journeys. They are an internal process that is specifically being prepared for the outside world.

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