I am not exaggerating: Aleksandra is an earth-writing angel that every serious writer needs at their side.  When I began writing my memoirs three years ago, I was terrified, certain that I was not capable of writing anything but intellectual and esoteric material that maybe 1% of people would ever read! I am astonished—truly flabbergasted—that with her encouragement, her clarity in giving prompts, and spot-on intuition, the writing journey has been exhilarating, and transformative beyond my wildest imagination.

At the age of 74, I never expected I’d have an editor who not only supported my life’s dream to write my story, but who also so elegantly guided me through the rough patches of writing, and drew out a brilliance in me I didn’t believe existed. Aleksandra’s exceptional mind, her expansive heart, and amazing intuition have given me the courage to finally give voice to my soul’s wisdom. I cannot praise her skills enough!

- Annette M. Hulefeld, D.Min/ ACSW


I was blessed to have been able to work with Aleks on a book that I had been praying I could find a way to write—Aleks helped make my dream a reality. I had done some writing before, but never a full-length book. I knew it was a huge undertaking and I wasn't sure how to proceed—I knew I couldn't do it alone. Aleks gently and skillfully weaved my story, with all of its heartaches and triumphs, into beautiful chapters that honored the intense journey our family had been on. She brought my book to life.

- Lori Hetzel
Author, Loving Harder: Our Family’s Odyssey Through International Adoption and RAD

Aleksandra is an accomplished journalist of rare talent, with a blood hound’s scent and a questing tenacity for the truth. Her skilled flair for writing should go without saying. She is also an incredible political networker and wise counselor. The best recommendation that I can give for Aleksandra is that she should always be listened to.

- Anthony Goltz
Managing Director at anicecupoftea.p


Aleks went beyond any expectations I had for the roles of editor and writer.  She was a coach, a therapist, a journalist and storyteller as well, and even with those roles, she moved well beyond the label of ordinary.  She was and continues to be a partner in the creative manifestation process, a recorder of a hero’s journey and an editor whose primary purpose is to refine the structure that will keep the reader reading. As anyone who takes on a book writing process, there are lots of ways forward. One is to write it yourself and another is to engage a team to assist in the writing process to varying degrees of involvement.  

While our process was truly collaborative, this book represents a collection of stories and experiences from my life. Aleks both owns the process and selflessly gives it away in every interaction. In almost stealth-like fashion, Aleks was able to enter my heart, hear my voice and take my words, both written and spoken, to reveal my most vulnerable spaces with such care and dignity it often took my breath away.

 This kind of relationship can only flourish where there exists in the heart of the witness -- which is how I often think of Aleks -- an authentic delight, wonder and respect for the human experience. I felt this from Aleks every step of the way. I never felt judged. In fact, she often acted as a mirror, and without any agenda, she would continue to delve in, go deeper until, and often to our own surprise, we would land on a gem of insight that catapulted us to the next chapter.

As a coach, I have great appreciation for the art of the open-ended question and there are few people I know who have really mastered it. Aleks is one of the few. Her line of questions sought out more than facts. Like a master water-diviner, she could tap into the deep waters of my soul. She knows how to be still and allow the silence to act as midwife for the birth of a new idea.

I was frequently visited by the scary fear gremlins that shouted at me at various times, “Don’t share that! You know what happens if you say THAT!”  Probably like anyone who goes through this, I worried about how people would receive this writing. This is, after all, very much a birthing process, and the truth is, you can’t really stop the process once labor sets in. That being said, Aleks was unconditional in her support. She never took offense if I came back with corrections or worried concern. She supported me to breathe in and out as I contracted in fear. She’d ask more questions, until finally, we would find a way to make it through to the other side.

As we conclude this process together, I feel I have made a friend for life. No one knows me quite like Aleks does. And anyone who has the privilege of working with her will also never be the same. Aleks has had an incredible impact on my life and I am eternally grateful to her for all she has so generously given.

- Lori Darley
Author the best-selling book Dancing Naked: Finding your Power as a Conscious Leader

“Aleks could teach a class on how to be a badass professional woman who, to quote my favorite childhood movie, ‘don’t take no crap offa NOBODY’.”

Alison Hennessee, Editor, Round Table Companie