Dancing Naked

Lori Darley has dedicated her life to embodying the fullest and most authentic expression of the human experience, both through her continuing commitment to the arts and through her current work as a leadership and high performance coach. Today, she shares her wisdom through her coaching practice, where she guides clients through a process called "The Clearing"—a personal development framework that allows participants to open channels for previously undiscovered insight and action. I

Loving Harder

Nadya was nine years old when Lori and Karl Hetzel rescued her from an orphanage deep within Siberia. With little grasp of language and no experience of life outside the Russian adoption system, Nadya suffered from severe neglect and trauma, and was later diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Read more


The Forester's Son

The Forester’s Son is a sweeping historical memoir, which covers George Swiderski's upbringing in Nazi-occupied Poland, coming of age under an oppressive Communist government, and eventual pursuit of the American dream. It is also a love story between George and his wife of fifty years, Sława, and captures how together they chased their passions for art, hunting, and freedom.